About Us

For over 140 years, the H.L. Fraas name has been associated with reliable, state-of-the-art plumbing and heating in the Northwest Ohio region. Barns and houses all over the area still sport the Fraas family name on the undersides of their tin roofs, a legacy to August Fraas who founded the company in the 1870s.

In the 1990s, Fraas Plumbing and Heating merged with Eden Roth Electric to become HL Fraas Plumbing, Heating & Electrical, and we continue to serve the region with the same care and innovation that have been our hallmarks since the beginning.

I’m proud of our team, consisting of highly-skilled and technically qualified craftsmen that are a pleasure to have in your home. Each technician is instilled with a sense of pride in the company, which is reflected in their professional, polite manner when working for you. Every HL Fraas technician is subjected to rigorous screening before hiring, assuring you that the only technicians we hire are people our owners and managers would feel comfortable leaving alone with their own wives and children.

We are licensed contractors and obtain all required municipal and state permits. HL Fraas is fully insured for Workers Compensation and for liability, so you can rest assured. We understand that compliance with codes and liability coverage are important aspects in choosing a contractor.

At HL Fraas, we put an emphasis on annual preventive maintenance. The precision tune-up specialist who maintains your equipment will do a thorough check for safety and operational efficiency, perform a tune-up for maximum fuel efficiency, and inspect for any potential faults. You’ll save money on reduced fuel costs, avoid a costly breakdown, and prolong the life of your equipment.

With HL Fraas, you have peace of mind, knowing that you’re not dealing with some “fly by night” company that will leave you “hanging out to dry.” We’ve been here for 140+ years, and we plan to stay.

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Scott Mirtes
President, HL Fraas